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Your New Convertible Top from Purchase to Installation

By June 23, 2012 2000 Views No comments

If you own a convertible car, you have many reasons to take pride in your vehicle. Although the cars are more common every day, there is still a unique visual aspect to each vehicle, in addition to the feeling of freedom you get while driving.

This is the reason why you should change your convertible top as soon as it shows extreme signs of wear. In our unbiased opinion :), it is just not worth ruining the presence of your car when the process of replacing a convertible top is actually quite simple and affordable.

The first step is researching and shopping online at or Or you could take your car to a local upholstery shop that you trust.  The next step is making the purchase, and we are here to make this as simple and uncomplicated as possible. And the last step is installing your new convertible top yourself or taking it to one of our authorized convertible top installation experts.

Purchasing a new top will require finding the right company to buy from, then choosing a fabric, color, and window style that best suits your needs. On some convertible tops, like the Miata pictured above, there are many, many more options to choose from, but no matter where you finally decide to purchase a replacement top, you really should either rely on local or internet based convertible top specialists. There is no denying that purchasing through a company that keeps a large warehouse of convertible tops for multiple models is the best choice.

The price will be lower based on the quantity the company can have on hand and there is a greater chance of finding the best replacement for your convertible.  We have thousands of convertible tops in stock available for same day delivery. Once you have your new convertible top you are halfway to restoring your ride. 

The next step will be finding a professional installer that will make your convertible look as new. Installing the top is more like giving a car a paint job than changing a tire; there is a certain amount of expertise involved, so finding the right person for the job is essential. The main way to find a professional installer will be through referrals, like the ones we provide. When dealing with a convertible top specialist to purchase a new top, it is usually wise to ask who they recommend to replace the top for you.

Another great way is to talk to friends, because if you know someone who has a convertible, they have probably changed their top and can refer you to their trusted specialist. If those options don't yield the right results you can use the internet to locate installers in your neighborhood and determine which to use based on reviews. At the end of the day it is important to trust the source that directed you to the installer. Once you find a company that offers the best replacement convertible top, you are on your way to having a great looking vehicle once again.

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Convertible Cars: Form Versus Function

By April 21, 2012 1697 Views No comments

Driving a convertible is, in many ways, an extension of the very principles that make up the American dream. After all, what says "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" more than driving down the freeway with the top down and the wind in your hair?

Naturally, car enthusiasts adore a well-made convertible, but even those who are usually indifferent towards cars indulge in a little convertible fantasy from time to time. If you're serious about buying a convertible, however, you may be at a loss as to how to begin narrowing down the field of contenders in order to make your selection. The two main considerations when evaluating convertibles are form and function. Everyone knows that looks are a big part of the reason why convertibles have remained popular for decades; they are the ultimate "see and be seen" car.

With their sleek lines and aerodynamic design, convertibles are eye-catching cars indeed. High-end models and classics, in particular, are not for wallflowers! When you drive a brand new BMW, for instance, you can expect to turn some heads; same goes for a classic Chevy Caprice. But you don't have to break your budget in order to find a convertible that will appeal to your inner car lover. Instead, examine the makes and models within your price range and see which ones appeal to you aesthetically. As far as function is concerned, since many (but not all) convertibles are expensive luxury cars, you can expect them to handle beautifully.

If your main concern is simply enjoying the ride rather than reveling in the fun factor that accompanies cruising with the top down, you may be a devotee of function rather than form. If you want a convertible that will truly perform, do a little comparison shopping ahead of time, and always take your potential purchase for a test drive before opening your wallet. Whether you favor form or function, you should know that many of today's convertibles don't force you to choose between the two.

Now you can have it all: A high performance, top of the line vehicle that also gives you the freedom to put the top down and feel the sun on your face while you enjoy the ride. Don't compromise! You can find the car of your dreams with just a bit of additional effort. You owe it to yourself to make your convertible dreams come true. No matter what you choose, your convertible top will sure to bring you joy for years to come.

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Building a Better BMW Z3 Convertible Top

By April 19, 2012 3424 Views No comments

When Robbins recently added factory retainers to its popular Z3 convertible top, this really became the ultimate Convertible Top replacement for a late 1996-2002 BMW Z3 and M Roadster. With a factory style heavy guage (sewn-in) plastic window with stitched deck seams and matching binding. Z3 Tops with the latest BMW engineering enhancements, such as the relief pockets, stiffener above rear window and additional elastic straps for support. The factory original topping material was Haartz Twillfast II cloth.

Made with LONG (OAL 17¾" / 45 CM) OEM style side tension cables to fit Z3 models from 12/1996-2002. These new hold down cables and replacement metal clips are included with your purchase. In 1998, BMW redesigned the convertible top as follows to improve certain deficiencies in earlier models. 

And, all of our Z3 convertible tops include these important improvements.

  1. Added Relief Pockets in the lower rear quarter panels.
  2. Added a Stiffener above the rear window.
  3. Added Elastic Straps above the rear window for added support.

Robbins Auto Top patterns this convertible top on an original vehicle using the same materials and manufacturing methods. All tops are test installed before they are released for production. This insures that the tops, when installed correctly and ordered in the original material will look exactly like the originals.

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New Product: SAAB 900 and 9-3 Convertible Tops

By February 20, 2012 1795 Views No comments

Premium Robbins replacement convertible top for the SAAB. Manufactured in the USA using original materials. Some of the key features are: Waterproofed seams, deck seams stitched with non-fading thread, and matching binding. Window is not incluced. This top fits to your original glass rear window. Caution: Your original rear window is attached to the convertible top using a unique system consisting of a metal ring and spring clips around the perimeter. Removal and re-installation of the rear window is not an easy process. If any of the clips are lost or stretched, the top will pull away from the window and appear loose.

Product Features

  • Patterned after a factory original Top to ensure a great fit
  • Precision advanced Gerber cutting equipment to make Top
  • Cut from one bolt of material for consistent grain and color
  • Stitched with non-fade, high-strength polyester threads
  • Deck seams are heat sealed for added strength
  • Matching edge binding
  • Original German A5 Cloth Topping 


Product quality, finish and other details

Robbins purchases full width cloth and vinyl binding materials run to their specifications to make most bindings they use to finish their Tops and other products. Robbins bindings are more supple and sew on easily without bunching around tight curves on tops. Stitching in its products is held to a uniform length, and they do not ship products with broken or erratic stitches.

For each lot of convertible topping material they receive from their suppliers, Robbins performs stretch testing, sew testing and heatseal testing. They test all lots of thread, plastic sheets and other critical raw materials before they can be used to manufacture its products.

Robbins Auto Tops patterns this top on an original vehicle using the same materials and manufacturing methods. All tops are test installed before they are released for production. This insures that the tops, when installed correctly and ordered in the original material will look exactly like the originals.

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